• Precision GPS for Indoor spaces.
  • We help you Search and Navigate.

Now in Indoor spaces.

Why Indoors?

We spend 90% of our time indoors

What information are we missing out on?

Lets explore a few Applications!

Key Application Areas

Product Specs

Form Factor

4cm x 7cm x 1cm with battery and enclosure


40 hours of battery life on 1000 mAh battery


Wall Powered/ Micro USB charging


Upto 30 cm of location accuracy

We’re laying the foundation for

The Future of Smart Buildings

Key Benefits

What if all this information was accessible on your mobile device?

With real time information at your fingertips, indoor spaces just got better. Our solution covers a wide range of features such as Indoor Positioning, Presence detection, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Indoor Maps & Location based Messaging.

We are one of the first few companies to achieve an accuracy level of 30cm in Indoor Spaces.

Indoor Positioning

We help you locate indoors by showing your position in an indoor space.

Presence Detection

Automatically detect when a user is present in an Indoor Area.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Display shortest routes and time taken from one location to another.

Indoor Maps

Get access to live maps with your favourite locations marked.

Location Based Messaging

Deliver relevant information to your smartphone based on your indoor position.

About Sensus Labs


Who we are

Sensus Labs is a San Francisco based company offering Indoor Positioning & Navigation solutions upto cm level accuracy.

Our team is a mix of skills, from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Statistics to Human Centered Design & Business Strategy.

This combination allows us to bring new perspectives into the field and help create disruptive business models around the Indoor Positioning space.